Watford, St Albans, Borehamwood Driving Theory test

Why pay more when you can pay less?

A lot of people ask us this question and the answer is simple. Yes there are a lot of really cheap driving schools out there but why are they so cheap? Fuel at 1:40 per litre and insurances having doubled since last year is something no one can avoid. Some driving schools therefore advertise lessons at cheap unrealistic levels and then do the following, spend ages and ages parked at the side of the road literally boring you to death with the unnecessary mechanics of how a clutch works ( a simple explanation is all you need...honest), turning up late and finishing early is another classic or if money paid up front not turning up at all!

An instructor making just 3:00 an hour is not going to be the happiest or most motivated person around either.

Ask yourself what sort of food would you expect at a pub advertising 2 meals for 5:99...not a lot I'd expect and almost certainly "fresh" out of the microwave. Buy a pair of shoes for 9.99 and within a week or so you will be buying another pair.

What we do at ASAP School of Motoring is give you the best chance of passing your driving test by giving you what you pay for ie an hour is an hour not 45mins and we teach you to drive safely and not just learning test routes. Need proof? Go to west watford and you will hardly see an L car. Travel a few miles to north watford and the streets are full of driving school cars...reason? Yes it's part of the DSA test route.

We charge by the hour so no hidden nasty charges on test day either as is common with a lot of the cheaper schools, who charge a premium price on day of the test sometimes up to a 100.

Another tactic to watch out for is the 10 lessons for 99 currently being offered by certain driving schools. The most common catch here is you pay up front the fee but unless you commit to say 40 hours or do lessons every week you forfeit the offer.